The James Parks Caldwell Alumni Service Award recognizes alumni brothers who have committed extraordinary time, service and financial support to the Chapter.

The plaque reads: In honor of the Founder of our Brotherhood who taught us the quality of devout fidelity to principle, we bestow this award upon our alumni Brother who has devoted years of loyal service to the betterment of the Bill George Beta Psi Chapter of Sigma Chi. Through his longstanding commitment of extraordinary time, support and stewardship, he has lived the words of the Sigma Chi Creed; he has made our college, our Fraternity and our Chapter more honored by all men and women, and more beloved and honestly respected by our own Brothers. His service is true friendship. He will ever be a credit to our Fraternity, and we are proud to call him our Brother.


Doug Bangert 2 2019 Douglas Bangert (1968) Merritt 2014: Glen A. Merritt (1995)

2018 David Touwsma (1997) Jackson 2013: Keith D. Jackson (1988)
BillGunn 2017: William "Bill" Gunn (1966) ClaySparrow 2012:  W. Clayton "Clay" Sparrow, Jr. (1968)
Land 2016: Aaron "AJ" Land, Jr. (1960) RonDuBose 2011: Ronald A. DuBose (1966)
Petty 2016: Claude Petty, Jr. (1950) DeLisle 2010 A. Josef "Joe" DeLisle (1993)
Bolton 2015: G. Niles Bolton (1969) CLockwood


J. Charles "Charlie" Lockwood


William H. "Bill" Clark

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